How to Ship - Shipping Guide for Import & Export to Thailand

Beginning ship freight international or if you are considering import or export shipment overseas, It is shipping guide to important that you meet all export and import requirements and that your goods arrive on time and at the right price.

1. Documention and compliance rules. Understanding the export requirements of the specific country the goods are being shipped from, and the import requirements & compliance for the country the goods are being shipped to, will make the process move forward quickly.

2. Coordinate with a Freight Forwerders. Important is...Who can help you with making the right decisions, and help you understand the conditions of transit. They can also help you with any specific documentation requirements and customs clearance. Most importantly, they get your goods to market on time and cost effective.

  • "Customs Clinic" Call 0-2667-7880-4 - Customs formalities can be performed by efficient officials willingly to provide one-stop service 24 hours straight for any operations occurring in the Value Added Area.
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  • Trade with Thailand begins at DITP